AuthorAlert: littlebird006

2pqsuopOne Direction Author, Allison.  She’s got such amazing talent.  Her debut, Red Dawn was full of gangs, secrets, and lies.  The sequel, When Sky’s Turn Grey, was a great companion to complete the first and tie up the loose ends.  Those stories made me feel it all – anger, happiness, sadness – the plot and ideas behind the fic was heart-warming if you could believe it.  In actuality it was about two people trying to find their way in the world, to rectify all their problems within themselves, and to finally find peace.

2u93dc7Once I had found Allison, she had me hooked and I couldn’t stop leaving her long reviews to which I would always get excited for just as long replies in return.  Quickly she became someone that I admired and would squee when I would get a response back from (insert teenage fangirl moment here).  Even though we have yet to have a proper chat, I still feel as if I know her a bit through all that she’s said in her comments.  She’s relatable and has the knack to capture your heart.

The one thing I’ve come to realize when reading Allison’s work is that it seems all of her characters are trying to find their way in life.  To learn how to open up to others and be all they can be.  But that always makes for a good read IMO and Allison does it well.  Her stories are paced well and everything seems to happen in a reasonable time and fashion.  And when reading these fics it had felt like I had been transported back to the time when I was turning 18-20 and finding my way as well.

All in all, I think if you like 1D and like fanfiction, this is where you’ll want to go.  I promise you won’t be dis-satisfied with my recommendation.  Oh, and speaking of recommendations…

I bet you all like to read don’t you?  Well in that case I have someone I’d like you to meet.  Teneil Phillips.  She could tell you all about books and what’s good as she’s an avid reader such as ourselves.  And if you like tea and walking around your house barefoot (even in the winter)?  You’ll may just be best friends!  You can go read her recommendations via her blog A Little Bit Bookish all the while she tells you her story about how she met a world famous man and how she started a semi I-don’t-know-what-this-is sort of relationship with him.

293bq4lWith that, Deckled Edges is all that and more.  That awkward-ness of a new relationship paired with falling for someone who’s massively famous can sometimes cause even more problems then warranted.  This is a fresh fanfiction but will still leave you confused and feeling everything in-between.  I recommend this one just because again, its a brilliant story about finding our way and learning how to grow up while perusing someone in the process (even with all the tribulations and doubts).

My dear Allison, if I haven’t told you lately, I think you’re a fabulous person with a kind heart and good head on your shoulders.  I really hope after DE you’ll write more as I see such a bright future in your direction (haha, pun intended).  I think the world of you and wish you all the best.  You ever need me, I’m only an email away!


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