Startline: The Club (EBook)

Guess whose back?

I tried the Tumblr world only to not entirely enjoy the process as it is more of a twitter platform, not specifically made for blogging or journalism. After months of thinking about things I’ve decided that I am wanting to expand this blog. It will still stand as a fanfiction place, yet I will be honing in on the books or EBooks that I am into. Also I am in the middle of bringing back my Twilight fanfiction, Getting Bella Pregnant so I may use this blog to put out snippets, teasers, and/or other related items. On top of that I am also feeling extra ambitious and have been for years wanting to tap into journalism. However, what exactly I would talk about still remains the question. Mostly I love music, pop culture, and even a bit of celebrity news. I’m just not sure how far I want to stray away from what my original plan for this blog was.

23384068So in honor of re-vamping I want to share an EBook I’ve just started as of today. It’s called The Club by Lauren Rowe. I’m not even out of the first chapter and I’m already wondering how this man can think the way he does. What sort of issues does he have that have made him so – dare I say it – heartless? Though the first chapter he tries to assure that he is not heartless towards women at all, but still, I can’t seem to think what person – man or woman – would think this way towards another person; to just treat sex as what it is as a wild animal; just a thing to procreate. He says he loves to satisfy the women he has sex with, but then after he throws them to the curb. How can a man think that if the woman he has sex with has the best orgasm of her life that she can just let that go? Literally you have turned her off to every other male specimen forever if you give her the amount of pleasure that you say you do. So don’t go off and get mad when she wants to tame you, to make herself “The One” as you so say.

I can tell this book will be evoking many feelings inside myself. If I were one of Jonas’ accomplishments I swear, I most likely would be just as mad as all these women he’s scored with. And to be honest…yes Jonas, you ARE an asshole.

I dare you readers to come and share in this what I assume will be a rollercoaster of events and feelings. I have a feeling it will spark some deep debates and I look forward that if you do try this book with me that we can discuss it over a good glass of tea or wine; you choose the poison.

Until next time

Lauren Rowe: GoodReads


Featured music while writing this blurb – along with inspiration for theme music for The Club, listen and watch the smexy video below.


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