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Hey all,

Have any of you ever heard of blogluvin?  If not, check it out and do me a big favor…follow me once you get yourself an account (click the link at the very top of this post).  This way you will be updated when I post (if you haven’t subscribed directly through this blog which you should do!).  Also, find other blogs that you may be interested too and subscribe to those too.  Its a great tool and a fun app for your phone.  Hope to see you over there (wink wink).

~ CeeCee

PS:  Excited to say that I’m working on new content for 2016.  I’m hoping to have a blog-tastic year moving forward. Also, I’m looking for the following from you (yes you reading this post):

Your top 5 book reads of 2015 | Your top 5 fanfiction reads of 2015

Shoot me an email at with the subject TOP READS 2015. I’m planning on compiling a post to honor this past year so get crackin. Also, with the books, please include the goodread page. Thanks!


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