Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 has been an interesting year for me and I’m sure for most of you as well. As every year before this there are ups, downs, and lots of in-betweens. For a lot of the year, reading has been my escape (as it is most times regardless) when I’ve needed to get away from real life for a bit. What have been your vises when times became tough? Leave comments!

I’ve decided to put together a top 5 list of the books and fanfictions (basically this was a 1D year for me – I plan to catch up on Twilight and Hanson for 2016 hopefully) that have hit a soft spot in my heart this year.

My wish for 2016 is to take this blog to another level and hopefully expand myself into a venture I’ve wanted to pursue for quite some time – journalism. There are many topics that come up during each year that people quite like to discuss, debate, and share as a group and my goal with this blog is to share my thoughts on different subjects that may arise throughout the year. Though my main goal for this blog will still be to promote books/eBooks/fanfictions but I feel that taping into a variety of things will spice things up a bit more.

To all you reading this, I hope 2015 treated you nicely and I hope you look forward to 2016 and starting off fresh once again.

Top 5 Fanfictions

twistedbysmilinforyaThe Twisted Saga by SmilinForYa
Most of my tops will be of the 1D fandom because I became quite fond of most of the authors on the site. Seeing such young talent is always a rich find, and I bathed in the beauty of these writers minds. And also, while reading sometimes you tend to forget that these stories are of the biggest boyband of this generation and just think of it as a good ol’ fresh piece of literature to get lost in. SmilinForYa is one of the most popular writers for the 1DFF site and she never disappoints her fans. Once I read part one of the Twisted Saga, I was hooked. Dark and gut-wrenching I went through every emotion. I have yet to continue the story with part two, but I’m sure that I’m going to love it when I do.

293bq4lDeckled Edges by littlebird006
Though I’ve mentioned her in a previous entry, I must say that even throughout this year, this one still one of my favorites. Allison is fantastic in making such believable story lines and blending real world with fiction together in a manner that’s perfect (which I’m still jealous of). I swear Allison will make a great published author or even journalist one of these days and I can guarantee you that I’ll still be following her!

afterThe After Trilogy by Anna Todd
If you are a 1D fan who loves fanfiction then you know of this series. Anna was a first time fanfiction author who decided to write After because she was bored with waiting on her favorite fics to be updated. She didn’t know that after publishing her story to Wattpad how big it would become. After follows freshman college student Tessa when she meets Harry Styles. Both Tessa and Harry didn’t realize that their meeting would change both of them; not always good but definitely made them realize things about themselves that they may not have realized had they never met. After reading the trilogy as a fanfiction it was announced that Anna had picked up an agent and published the series which is quickly becoming popular as a book just like 50 Shades of Grey did. And what’s even better? After is in the works to become a movie too! So congrats to Anna Todd; don’t ever say fanfiction is stupid because yours could possibly become the next best seller!

Happily_Never_AfterHappily Never After by sosodesj
Never thought I’d like a Louis fiction as I’m more of a Narry girl, but this lovely lady mixes medieval times paired with Louis Tomlinson brilliantly. You want to hate Louis, but don’t; it’s definitely a story of never judging a book by its cover. And also while you’re at it – sosodesj has plenty of other goodies too so if you like adult content paired with kidnapped/rape/drugs, check out The Sophie Miller’s Stockholm Syndrome Series – fantastic read that will give you plenty of mixed emotions.

somehowsomewaySomeway Somehow by nightingiall
Would you try to fall for one of your exes friends? What happens if you didn’t mean to, but you did? What would happen if your exes’ friend fell for you back? A whole lotta hell breaks free, that’s what. If you happen to be in the mood for a triangle, check out this author. Great read!

Top 5 Books

ontheoffensiveOn the Offensive by Cara Dee
Holy moly of all things incest! I tell you that this book intrigued and mesmerized me. The heat between this brother and sister duo is like so crazy off the charts that you can’t help but turn the page like it’s a bad accident you can’t look away from. Cara is an amazing talent so check out this story pronto!

20448515The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day
Are you a fan of 50 Shades? Well let me tell you that Eva and Gideon will probably light your loins on fire just as much except this time both characters have serious issues they need to work on separately. This series is great and I know it’ll hit the exotic spot if that’s what you’re looking for.

26131764Slammer by Tabatha Vargo
Can you ever imagine yourself falling for an inmate? Yeah, I can’t see it happening to myself but in this book a new prison medical woman so happens to fall for a big strong inmate. In the meanwhile the more she gets to know him the more she realizes that he may have been wrongly put in jail in the first place. This book captivated me the first chapter and the ending totally blew me out of the water as it was not how I pictured it to end. Trust me – you will love this one!

23249300Chosen by the Vampire Kings by Charlene Hartnady
Haven’t read a good vampire book since Twilight but this series really killed me. The concept is simple – the king of the vampires makes it mandatory for all single women to come to this home and there he chooses a mate. But what happens when two vampire kings choose the same female? This was a fun triangle that I really enjoyed. What’s even better is that there are a crapload of spin-offs for basically all the characters of the book. This is one to not pass up.

23384068The Club Series by Lauren Rowe
Just finished book 1 right before the new year and it’s just so great. A rich sexy billionaire who fills out a profile he thinks will get him into a club that will allow him to have unattached sex with as many women as he could possibly want. However as he fills out the application he puts in a personal message to the agent who will either approve or deny his application to the extremely expensive club. Luckily his application lands in beautiful Sarah’s inbox and thus an internet attraction starts which for Jonas, quickly becomes obsession. Now that I just started on book 2, this is not only full of crewed talk, sex, and all that but also is a suspense which is keeping me entertained at the same time. And I think to close out the year, I can honestly say that this is another one to not pass up on either.




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Startline: The Club (EBook)

Guess whose back?

I tried the Tumblr world only to not entirely enjoy the process as it is more of a twitter platform, not specifically made for blogging or journalism. After months of thinking about things I’ve decided that I am wanting to expand this blog. It will still stand as a fanfiction place, yet I will be honing in on the books or EBooks that I am into. Also I am in the middle of bringing back my Twilight fanfiction, Getting Bella Pregnant so I may use this blog to put out snippets, teasers, and/or other related items. On top of that I am also feeling extra ambitious and have been for years wanting to tap into journalism. However, what exactly I would talk about still remains the question. Mostly I love music, pop culture, and even a bit of celebrity news. I’m just not sure how far I want to stray away from what my original plan for this blog was.

23384068So in honor of re-vamping I want to share an EBook I’ve just started as of today. It’s called The Club by Lauren Rowe. I’m not even out of the first chapter and I’m already wondering how this man can think the way he does. What sort of issues does he have that have made him so – dare I say it – heartless? Though the first chapter he tries to assure that he is not heartless towards women at all, but still, I can’t seem to think what person – man or woman – would think this way towards another person; to just treat sex as what it is as a wild animal; just a thing to procreate. He says he loves to satisfy the women he has sex with, but then after he throws them to the curb. How can a man think that if the woman he has sex with has the best orgasm of her life that she can just let that go? Literally you have turned her off to every other male specimen forever if you give her the amount of pleasure that you say you do. So don’t go off and get mad when she wants to tame you, to make herself “The One” as you so say.

I can tell this book will be evoking many feelings inside myself. If I were one of Jonas’ accomplishments I swear, I most likely would be just as mad as all these women he’s scored with. And to be honest…yes Jonas, you ARE an asshole.

I dare you readers to come and share in this what I assume will be a rollercoaster of events and feelings. I have a feeling it will spark some deep debates and I look forward that if you do try this book with me that we can discuss it over a good glass of tea or wine; you choose the poison.

Until next time

Lauren Rowe: GoodReads


Featured music while writing this blurb – along with inspiration for theme music for The Club, listen and watch the smexy video below.

AuthorAlert: sosodesj

6666666666iiiiOne Direction author.  Master of angst.  I kid you not – if you like kidnapping, violence, abuse, or self-harm type of stories – you’ll love Sosodesj.  The way she writes these tales makes you love and hate her characters.  Typically I’m not one to read these genre of fics but I was hooked on the first line of her hugely popular, Prisoner of My Own Body.  It will leave you frustrated, angry, and sad all at once but in a good way.

Wanting_What_s_Wrong_BannerThe sequel, Wanting What’s Wrong was even better than its prequel. And also while you’re at it, check out the conclusion, Breaking Points. All three are known as Sophie Miller’s Stockholm Syndrome Trilogy.  Believe me when I say everyone can’t help but like it so don’t judge a book by its cover.

Vulnerability_BannerAnother of my favorites from her is Vulnerability and Happily Never After. Both of which are absolutely amazing pieces of art.

What I love most about this author?  You can’t help but love her and the worlds that she creates.  She is a splended writer and I really admire her talent.


AuthorAlert: littlebird006

2pqsuopOne Direction Author, Allison.  She’s got such amazing talent.  Her debut, Red Dawn was full of gangs, secrets, and lies.  The sequel, When Sky’s Turn Grey, was a great companion to complete the first and tie up the loose ends.  Those stories made me feel it all – anger, happiness, sadness – the plot and ideas behind the fic was heart-warming if you could believe it.  In actuality it was about two people trying to find their way in the world, to rectify all their problems within themselves, and to finally find peace.

2u93dc7Once I had found Allison, she had me hooked and I couldn’t stop leaving her long reviews to which I would always get excited for just as long replies in return.  Quickly she became someone that I admired and would squee when I would get a response back from (insert teenage fangirl moment here).  Even though we have yet to have a proper chat, I still feel as if I know her a bit through all that she’s said in her comments.  She’s relatable and has the knack to capture your heart.

The one thing I’ve come to realize when reading Allison’s work is that it seems all of her characters are trying to find their way in life.  To learn how to open up to others and be all they can be.  But that always makes for a good read IMO and Allison does it well.  Her stories are paced well and everything seems to happen in a reasonable time and fashion.  And when reading these fics it had felt like I had been transported back to the time when I was turning 18-20 and finding my way as well.

All in all, I think if you like 1D and like fanfiction, this is where you’ll want to go.  I promise you won’t be dis-satisfied with my recommendation.  Oh, and speaking of recommendations…

I bet you all like to read don’t you?  Well in that case I have someone I’d like you to meet.  Teneil Phillips.  She could tell you all about books and what’s good as she’s an avid reader such as ourselves.  And if you like tea and walking around your house barefoot (even in the winter)?  You’ll may just be best friends!  You can go read her recommendations via her blog A Little Bit Bookish all the while she tells you her story about how she met a world famous man and how she started a semi I-don’t-know-what-this-is sort of relationship with him.

293bq4lWith that, Deckled Edges is all that and more.  That awkward-ness of a new relationship paired with falling for someone who’s massively famous can sometimes cause even more problems then warranted.  This is a fresh fanfiction but will still leave you confused and feeling everything in-between.  I recommend this one just because again, its a brilliant story about finding our way and learning how to grow up while perusing someone in the process (even with all the tribulations and doubts).

My dear Allison, if I haven’t told you lately, I think you’re a fabulous person with a kind heart and good head on your shoulders.  I really hope after DE you’ll write more as I see such a bright future in your direction (haha, pun intended).  I think the world of you and wish you all the best.  You ever need me, I’m only an email away!